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chris pratt

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So excited to finally announce our new contest! Click the link in my bio for your opportunity to come visit me on the set of @thetomorrowwar $10 is all it takes for a chance to become my new best friend on set in Atlanta. We cover everything! Flights, hotel, food! JUST IMAGINE!! You and a couple friends get flown to come meet me, yell action, heck we may even out you in the movie!!! (handful of restrictions apply-check rules by clicking the link in my bio!) All proceeds benefiting an extraordinary organization. @braintreatmentfoundation Heck yeah! Love you! I’ll be seeing somebody soon!
  • normaviviana548 Excelente!!
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  • batuhan26batuhan You not Avengers
  • ilooovechickens We love yuuuuuuuu! Grow a beard again plz
  • marina.druzhinina.1964 Замечательно.Но вот только я живу в России ...
  • marina.druzhinina.1964 Я бы с удовольствием повидалась с тобой Крис Пратт,но я живу в России...
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  • joshuatcampbell I love the hoodie!
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  • mary_mart99 Handsome man
  • kirbys91 @zach__kirby love his sweatshirt!🇺🇸
  • hampyshampy Hahahahahah 10 $ to become ur best friend😂 u sick man
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  • ysolanzazy Love You Chris Pratt
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  • grendeus Haha realy " best friends" . U funny 😂