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Selena Gomez

By grace, through faith.
My new album RARE is out now 💖
Founder @rarebeauty
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It’s officially out! I was a bit embarrassed asking so often for you to stream or buy my album. It felt inauthentic. Thank YOU so much for making something so personal to me be a moment I’ll never forget. All I truly desire is for you all to enjoy the music and spread the love 🦋🌈💫
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  • ceiramilunasa @theshaynereagan the caption
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  • ulya_satanovskaya Просто косишь под Монику Белуччи
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  • val01life Thanks to RODDY RICH. He is still #1. YOU ARE NOT AN ARTIST and thats why u made this video to beg ur fans to buy your shitty album 🤣🤡
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  • belenyohannes ❤️🙌 Congratulations
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  • sarahsunshine.jpg ❤️Haha the shaaaaade of it all
  • bangtanselenam Amazing albüm Sel👌. I Love you 👑QUEEN👑
  • monicavizza9 Gahd that whole album is the worst. I hope her future songs and albums will finally stop being about Justin Bieber. Girl needs to move on already.
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  • rarestoftherare_ So deserved! I’ve been listening to it everyday since it came out!!! 💕Love you Selena!
  • dadlly16 ❤️😍
  • hsknghts No hate but this is exactly why selena and justin never worked out. Both of you are broken and insecure and messed up. Selena is a very lovely lady behind all her insecurities. Its not always just the other people’s fault sometimes its also how we deal with things. Selena let people break her. I wish selena will find someone like Hailey too. Who’ll love her for her without insecurities and with tons of patience. Justin was a wrecked but hailey was just perfect for him. She’s veryyyy confident and she doesnt seem needy unlike selena. She’s not insecure and now justin can focus on his healing process. Selena should watch bieber’s YT special. Its gonna hurt but i really believe that she’ll learn sooooooo much from it. Her questions will be answered. I hope you read this selena. We love you!! Stay strong!! ❤️❤️
  • hsknghts You even stepped on this level to manipulate ur sales to get this to number 1.. thats just extremely sad.. 😭😭😭😭 please get better. You’re more than this.
  • scorbrio U still suck for this